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Your searches

You.com helps you find what you're looking for faster than ever. We prioritize real results over paid content and ads to ensure that you can trust the integrity of our results. Everyone hates clickbait. That’s why we strive for clicktrust, our way of saying that You.com will not needlessly entice you. Instead, we’ll summarize it for you.

Your purchases

Tired of researching dozens of sites when making a complex or expensive purchase? You.com summarizes the research for you - without the fake reviews. You.com provides trustworthy reviews from real users and experts, pros and cons and more - saving you time and money.

Your AI

The Internet is full of amazing and useful information but also junk, fake reviews, biases and unhelpful ads. You.com developed Artificial Intelligence that helps you sift through it all by providing you CliffsNotes® for the internet. Our AI provides helpful summaries for any query, allowing you to see different points of view.

Your privacy

Want to protect your privacy? You.com puts you in control. You choose either a personalized experience or a truly private one. Either way, You.com never sells your data to advertisers or follows you around the rest of the internet.

Your values

You.com helps you give back and live your values with ease. You can decide which causes you want to support and we provide you with the right tools. You.com also makes it easier for you to search and shop according to your values.